Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hello! Bienvenue! Welcome!

Well everyone, I'm on the bandwagon... I created my first blog about an hour ago, AND am now posting to it.  This is pretty cool...I can see the allure in having a blog and followers.  I think I came a little late to the party in my "I'm resisting technology because I know it's fad" way of thinking, and for that I hope no one cares lol.

Alright, why am I on here, preaching to the masses and hoping I get some followers?   Well it's largely due to my LOVE for Pinterest (follow me!: saraj0)  It is a great source for inspiration...there's a LOT of pins to weed through, but I have found some amazing recipes thanks to Pinterest, and a lot others I have improved upon/made healthier.  The blog is where I plan to share these upgrades/improvements as well as (maybe!) some original creations!

What sets my blog apart?  Hmph, that is a solid question, one I hope to prove with posts vs. telling you it's going to be the best thing ever in the whole wide universe.  To say it sh*t don't stink when it comes to the kitchen, that's for sure.  I am very fortunate to have parents who LOVE cooking... Joe, the typical Sicilian dad who hunts/fishes (hello, Sicily = fishermen!) and loves to entertain; and Rhonda, my mom, the best cook/homemaker I know.  Not to mention her sister, ie Auntie M., is a pseudo Pinner, bc if she were active on Pinterest she'd be blowing up my feed.  But her obsession dates back to the 80's having binders of recipes in a closet she constantly uses PLUS add in the internet, she has ample ammo.  I have the greatest influences and upbringing in the kitchen, and I think that that love is reflected in my dishes.  Plus my future husband Andy is a sweetheart and tries everything I make and he's always got something to say about food too, so it's wonderful having him taste my creations all the time!

Oh and to throw some professional chops in this mix, did I mention I'm a culinary school grad?  Been in the game 10years?  Whistles go woo WOOO!  Can you tell I may be overcompensating to make sure people think I have the street cred for a blog?  Regardless, I'm into food.  Good food/beer/wine too.  I think I can share some knowledge with folks and spread the love and passion I have for the culinary world to those who're just as excited, or just getting their fingers wet.  I even hope to maybe inspire some folks too, but I might be getting ahead of the game!

Thank you all for stopping by...the web design/layout is definitely a work in progress, and I hope to start posting yumminess soon.  Mind you, all of this while I plan my wedding, 40-something days away, yeehaw.  Here we go!!

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  1. Blog?! More things to keep you busy! I'm eagerly looking forward to new posts!